Lush Stories – Put A Spin On It Sex Stories Competition

Lush Stories are running another competition

This competition is all about ways in which people can put a whole new spin on making love.

Competition Theme

We would like stories to contain an interpretation of the word “spin”.

The theme is wide open, anything relating to the word “spin” may be used.

Examples – the consequences of: a game of spin the bottle, taking the new convertible for a spin, a DJ spinning his records at a party, a spin doctor’s deceit, a situation that got out of control, a spin on a classic tale, or any number of sex positions that require an element of rotational exertions! So get creative and spin us a yarn!

My entry is entitled Fuck Biscuit. It is a tale about Linda Woodhead’s start to a new week. Linda doesn’t normally like Monday mornings and although this one starts well, it rapidly spins out of control. Just what is the mysterious job that Linda is interviewing for? Why don’t any of Linda’s bras fit? And what will happen if someone offers her a biscuit at the interview?

Find out by reading Fuck Biscuit – it’s guaranteed to make your head spin.

Read all the entries here

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