Pee Perverts: Kitchen Kink – New Kindle ebook on Amazon and Smashwords

Pee Perverts: Kitchen Kink
Abigail Thornton’s ‘Pee Perverts: Kitchen Kink’ eBook

Pee Perverts: Kitchen Kink by Abigail Thornton

This ebook is available now at and and Smashwords

Matthew Smith is a shy lad living in the shadow of Becky, his older sister. He’s reached an age where his hormones are giving him sexual lust and the internet has enabled him to explore the fetish he has for wet sex.

Matt likes to watch girls pee and more than anything else he likes the idea of a girl peeing on him. Unfortunately, Matt has been unable to find any girl that’s interested in him, let alone one that wants to pee on him. That is until Alexa, Becky’s glamorous friend, borrows Matt’s laptop and sees what he’s been watching. “Have you ever let a woman do that to you?” she asks, and even to Matt it’s clear that Alexa is interested in exploring Matt’s pee fetish.

Find out what Alexa does in Matt’s kitchen in Kitchen Kink.

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