Pee Perverts: Litter Tray – New ebook available at Amazon

Pee Perverts: Litter Tray
Abigail Thornton’s ‘Litter Tray’ eBook

Pee Perverts: Litter Tray Party by Abigail Thornton

In Anthony McCabe, Rachel Evans finds the man she’s been looking for, just when she least expects it. Anthony might be perfect, but his house cat is a pest.

When Rachel exacts a special kind of revenge on Anthony’s feline friend, she discovers a predilection for peeing in litter trays. An exciting new facet to Rachel’s sexuality is expressed as ‘Kitty’, a charismatic character with pointed ears, whiskers and a habit of peeing in places where she shouldn’t.

The Pee Perverts: Litter Tray ebook is available now on and

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