Suitable Punishment – available free of charge 7th – 11th November

If you like a freebie, why not grab yourself a copy of ‘Miss Pemberton’s Drawers’ from Amazon? This collection of six erotic stories, including ‘Suitable Punishment’ by yours truly is available free on Amazon UK and Amazon US from the 7th – 11th November.

Here is the opening to Suitable Punishment:

I couldn’t believe he’d done it. To have such power over a man was – delicious. He squirmed with discomfort and humiliation, and I got a thrill knowing I was responsible. Of course it had been a shame to let Hansard go; he’d always been a model employee, but it had been worth the sacrifice for this moment of triumph. There had been an element of fortune in that my laptop had caught the two of them talking on its webcam while I showed clientele out of the building. I’d taken that lucky break and translated it into something that had shocked both men to the very core of their sexuality, while satisfying a hidden part of mine.

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