Valentine’s Day 2013 Sex Stories Competition

Lush Stories are running another competition:

Valentine’s Day is an event that happens on February 14. It is the day of the year when lovers show their love to each other.

This is typically done by giving flowers, chocolates or Valentine’s cards. Love notes are often given to one another. These notes are called “Valentines”.

Our competition sponsor, LELO, are doing a fun e-card promotion for their “Adore Me” prize package, and you can send your own sexy hint to your Valentine, regardless of entering the competition, by clicking here.
Competition Theme

Valentine stories should have a rich element of love and romance about them.

This competition has the added challenge of allowing flash fiction stories, which can be as short as you wish. This should lead to a variety of styles and story lengths.

My entry is Love Machine, a tale of about a certain type of robot sent back from the future to hunt down Sarah O’Connor.

Read all the entries here

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