Angel Piaff and Leila Smith in ‘Chopsticks’

Angel Piaff and Leila Smith in ‘Chopsticks’ at

When gorgeous redhead Leila is having trouble using chopsticks to eat her rice, hot blonde Angel steps in to help. Pee Perverts know how to make plain white rice a little more interesting and Leila suggests adding a unique flavour of her own… some hot fresh pee, straight from the source. However, once the pee starts to fly, the meal is soon forgotten as Angel instructs Leila to sit in the sticky mess of her own creation. Angel samples the pee-soaked rice straight off Leila’s bum before using a river of her own piss to rinse off what’s left of the snack. The naughty pair are lost in an exchange of hot golden showers and pee tasting before the sex toys are introduced, pumping both girls over the edge into much-needed orgasms. The Pee Perverts know that there is only one way to finish off… and that’s to rinse each other with another spray of hot pee, making sure that every inch of hair and bare skin is saturated. If you want to see the trailer for this hot new scene from VIPissy click this link.

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