Angelina and Naomi in ‘Backdoor Angelina’

Angelina and Naomi in ‘Backdoor Angelina’ at

When slender, dark haired Pee Pervert Angelina feels a tingling sensation growing between her legs, she knows she needs to satisfy her wet urges right away. Sexy blonde Naomi napping on the sofa is just too tempting a target for a Pee Pervert with a full bladder. Hovering just over the sleeping girl’s head, Angelina massages her swollen pussy until she feels the rush of hot urine pour out… all over Naomi’s face and body. Awakened by the wet warmth, the naughty blonde begins lapping up the tangy golden nectar, stirring an undeniable arousal in both piss-loving vixens

When she notices a guide to anal sex for girls lying next to Naomi, Angelina quickly volunteers to be the guinea pig for her younger friend to practice on. This kicks off an intense anal sex session, which is interrupted only by frequent golden showers. Tongues, fingers, and sex toys are all put to good use to make sure both Naomi and Angelina get a piss filled, anal experience that will stick in their dirty minds for weeks to come. If you’d like to share in the filthy fun, head over to now.

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