Bailey and Carrie in ‘Her Muse’

Bailey and Carrie in ‘Her Muse’ at

Pretty Pee Pervert Carrie is focusing intently on the beautiful model lying naked in front of her, trying to get every detail of her soft curves just right. She’s supposed to be sketching her latest art assignment but she finds herself unable to concentrate on anything other than seeing the model’s skin glistening with her piss. It’d be rude to piss directly onto a stranger, so she grabs a glass vase and empties her bladder into it and then drizzles the hot urine over Bailey’s arched back. As a pee puddle forms, Carrie first runs her fingers through it and then her lips and tongue. 

Bailey obviously prefers playing Carrie’s sexy body, rather than lying around naked and she’s just as happy to pee. So begins a pee-filled lesbian adventure with the rest of the afternoon spent exploring each other’s bodies. The sexy wet session comes to a climax with Carrie leading Bailey into sharing a delicious pee cocktail. If intimate and gentle lesbian sex spiced with pee is your thing, head over to now to catch the trailer.

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