Diana Dali and Nataly in ‘Wet Education’

Diana Dali and Nataly in ‘Wet Education’ at VIPissy.com

While working on an assignment for their anatomy class, adventurous students Nataly and Diana decide they might learn better if they take a more “hands-on” approach. What better way for Pee Perverts to learn more about the human urinary system than to experience it first hand and get a close-up view of the action? Nataly kicks things off by placing her exposed pussy at face-level to Diana. With some well-placed pressure of her fingers, Nataly shoots a stream of urine straight into her friend’s open mouth. Diana returns the favor, only this time she hovers over Nataly’s face with her pussy lips spread wide open. Her aim isn’t quite as precise though and she ends up soaking her classmate’s entire upper body with her gushing geyser of golden pee. Another perfectly aimed river by Nataly leads to some hot piss swapping between the naughty lovers. The girls realise they actually enjoy the taste of this newly discovered beverage, and soon the swapping and spitting turns into gulping down the tangy nectar. Nataly and Diana continue to piss all over each other, exploring the world in a way which is better than any text book. They finish as they started – by drinking down a glass of fresh warm pee. If you can’t get enough of hot girls pissing on each other, head over to VIPissy.com to share in the kinky pee fun.

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