Donna Joe and Rachel Evans in ‘The Watermelon’

Donna Joe and Rachel Evans in ‘Watermelon’ at

Accidents do happen – especially when Pee Perverts are cleaning the floor. Donna Joe finds herself with a dry floor and a full bladder and can’t resist peeing all over the floor. Before she’s finished, Rachel comes walking in and slips on in Donna’s puddle. Donna’s pee soaks into her tight jeans – which she rather likes. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough pee – but Rachel knows where she can get some more. Donna pisses all over her, soaking not just her jeans but her shirt as well.

The pissy games head up into the living room where the girls piss on themselves and each other over and over again, finishing off by making a large piss cocktail. The full video is over 40 minutes long but if you want a sneak preview of how wet two Pee Perverts can get, head over to now for a video clip.

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