Eveline Neill in ‘Case Eveline’

Eveline Neill in ‘Case Eveline’ at VIPissy.com

Petite beauty Eveline Neill is the most perverted of Pee Perverts. This girl does things that every Pee Pervert wants to see and some wish that they had the chance to do. Eveline starts the scene on her knees but stands to release a long stream of urine into her glass bowl and, since aim isn’t that good, all over the carpet. She’s barely finished emptying her own bladder when her man steps up and starts pissing on her perfect  bare bottom. He helps to keep the wet, pissy action going by emptying the bowl of piss all over Eveline’s coral-coloured dress. Eveline’s man steps up so that she can suck and lick his pissy cock clean, which Eveline does with obvious enthusiasm. Eveline then demands that he pisses on her, wetting her hair, face, tongue and tonsils before getting back to the blowjob.

It’s one of those days where Eveline simply can’t get enough piss. After having her pussy fingered, Eveline pees into a vase and sighs happily as her own piss is then poured all over her back and bum. But sometimes it’s not enough for a Pee Pervert to be covered in piss; Eveline’s man uses a speculum to spread her hot little pussy and then pisses directly into her gaping hole. After most of the piss has poured back out, Eveline’s pussy is then put to more familiar use as she is fucked from behind, pausing only briefly to piss on his cock and down her own leg.

Just when you think the scene couldn’t get any dirtier, it switches to show Eveline taking a finger up her bumhole. It starts off tiny and tight but is eased open with a plastic funnel which allows another stream of her man’s piss to enter her body. Piss enema anyone? Eveline’s bumhole slams shut with her bowel full of piss but she is able to squirt it out of her arse all over the carpet. Rude? You’d better believe it!

Eveline then takes her man’s cock up her arse and to make that even ruder, she manages to pee on him while he’s banging her bum. After an extended anal fuck, it’s not surprising to see him lose control and blow his creamy load of spunk over Eveline’s pretty shaved pussy and ass. He collects the goo with his fingers and offers it to Eveline’s mouth before offering her mouth the content of his bladder as she kneels on the floor. Eveline then pees on his belly, cock and thighs before leaning in to kiss, suck and lick his piss-covered cock.

As you may have gathered, this is one amazing pee scene, one of the hottest I’ve ever watched. I urge any Pee Perverts to go and watch it for themselves by following this link to Vipissy.com.

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