Foxy Anne in ‘A Tea and Golden Drops’

Foxy Anne in ‘A Tea And Golden Drops’ at

When Pee Pervert Foxy Anne invites a male friend over to her place for tea, she’s got her own special beverage that she wants to share. She puts on a show for him, filling a cocktail glass with her own hot urine before dousing her naked body with it. By the time Foxy is splashing around in her puddles on the floor, she can’t help but notice the growing bulge in her friend’s pants. After soaking his shorts with her hot pee, Foxy drops to her knees and wraps her lips around his throbbing dick, taking her time and savouring the taste of her piss lingering on his skin.

Her new lover knows exactly what Foxy wants and he’s happy to give it to her. As he bends her legs up and plunges his hard cock straight into Foxy’s tight little ass, the naughty vixen feels the pressure building in her bladder once again. She rinses his dick with her river of fresh piss and then drops to her knees to get a taste of his. This piss-loving hottie hasn’t even come close to getting her fill of fucking and pissing and she’s not about to stop until she’s got her favorite golden liquid dripping out of every hole. Head over to now if you want to catch the trailer for this hot anal piss scene.

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