Jenny Simons and Victoria Daniels in ‘All About Pedicure’

Jenny Simons and Victoria Daniels in ‘All About Pedicure’ at

VIPissy have done something special with this new video which is aimed at both Pee Perverts and Foot Worshippers. If the idea of two hot girls playing with each other’s feet while they piss all over the place turns you on, you need to watch this video. Victoria and Jenny are a naughty pair of girls and decide to add an extra element as they pamper their feet. When Jenny spreads her legs to reveal her bare pussy and lets a stream of hot urine go, Victoria quickly slips both of her bare feet directly under the arc of fluid. She can’t help but giggle as the warm drops tickle her toes.


Positioned on hands and knees, the aroused brunette pushes out her own river of golden piss, soaking both girls’ bodies. Not wanting to let any of this precious liquid go to waste, Jenny raises her girlfriend’s feet to her mouth and sucks the warm droplets right off of Victoria’s toes. By the time this delicious duo have finished showering each other with hot urine poured from a large glass bowl, all they can think about is their overwhelming need for an orgasm. The girls use each other for this please and the tribbing adds another dimension to the scene as both girls achieve the satisfaction they crave. One last warm, wet treat for each other leaves them tingling with pleasure and soaked from head to toe. Head over to now to see the video clip.

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