Lara and Cayla in ‘Healing Vagina’

Lara and Cayla in ‘Healing Vagina’ at

When pretty blonde Cayla fails to show up for work, her boss, Lara, wants to know why. She finds Cayla still in bed and demands an explanation. Cayla explains that she woke up with pain between her legs and hasn’t been able to pee all morning. Her boss doesn’t believe the story and demands to take a look for herself. Kneeling between Cayla’s legs, Lara looks for evidence that what Cayla is saying is true. Unfortunately, Cayla gets nervous and finds herself shooting a gushing river of urine all over her boss’s face… and now that the urine has started to flow, there’s no stopping it. After another stream of piss, Lara uses a pair of tongs to prop open Cayla’s pussy so she can see deep inside before catching the next pissy release in a wine glass – which she pours into Cayla’s gaping pussy. 

Realising that work will have to wait, Lara spreads her legs and empties her bladder straight into her colleague’s waiting mouth. Now that her bladder has been emptied, Cayla is ready to go to work… but Lara insists that there is still a lot of wet work to be done together. If you want to see these sexy work colleagues playing with each other, head over to now.

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