Leila Smith and Lollypop

Leila Smith and Lollypop at VIPissy.com

Girlfriends Leila Smith and Lollypop don’t have a lot in common… or so they think!! Leila looks bored as Lollypop plays with her phone but these two spunky girls are about to find out that they share a love for hot piss – they’re both Pee Perverts. Red-headed Leila can’t resist peeling off her shorts and letting fly with a golden stream of piss all over her friend’s bare legs. Leila is expecting Lollypop to get made – but instead she joins in!! Lolly strips off her own shorts and stands with her bare pussy positioned directly over Leila’s face. As the rush of piss begins to flow, Leila opens her mouth to catch some of it on her tongue, delighting in the sensation as it trickles down her chin and soaks into her clothes, sticking her top to her perky tits. 

As well as a love of piss, it turns out the two girls love licking bum holes. The pair take turns licking pee-soaked pussy but neither can resist running their tongues a little lower and it’s no surprise when a big double-headed dildo appears that it eventually finds its way into Lolly’s tight tush. As Lolly enjoys the anal penetration, Leila pees all over her hot little body. Of course, Lolly returns the favour by licking, fucking and pissing on Leila’s beautiful bum. The scene ends with the girls lining up their clothes on the table and pissing all over them before putting them back on. If you want to see these two lovely lesbians fucking, sucking and peeing, head over to VIPissy now.

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