Lollypop and Alexis in ‘More Than A Couple’

Lollypop and Alexis in ‘More Than A Couple’ at

As Pee Perverts, Lollypop and Alexis share a fetish for hot piss and golden showers. They often indulge in some wet and kinky action together. Knowing they have the house to themselves for a while, the dirty duo take advantage by exchanging pee-tinged kisses and gulping down rivers of fresh piss from each other’s pussies. Alexis’s boyfriend might be due home shortly but the piss-crazed duo are happy for him to join in with their wet games. It’s the first time Alexis has shared her man, although he has often wondered what it would feel like to pee right into Lolly’s hungry mouth – and what her lips would feel wrapped around his cock. 

He gets to find out the answer to both of his questions as both girls drop to their knees and take turns catching his golden nectar with their waiting mouths. 

Dripping with a mixture of everybody’s tangy piss, Lolly and Alexis make a gorgeous pussy stack that no guy can resist. Both horny babes get their fill of hard cock and pause only to relieve their full bladders. No inch of bare skin is safe from the streams of hot piss. Cum and urine flow in this steamy threesome until all three are happily exhausted and glistening with golden pee. Head over to now if you want to share the filthy fun.

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