Mea and Wendy

Mea and Wendy at

Gorgeous girlfriends Mea and Wendy are enjoying a quick drink at home before heading out to hit the town. Finding her drink rather bland, Mea comes up with a much more enjoyable cocktail. Lifting her dress to reveal that she’s not wearing any panties, Mea spreads her legs and relaxes her bladder to fill the martini glass with her warm nectar. Wendy follows Mea’s example and the two girls gulp down a whole glass of fresh, tangy urine. 

Of course this is just the beginning of the fun for these two Pee Perverts. Mea spreads her pussy wide open, inviting Wendy to fill her beautiful pussy with more hot piss. Wendy never could resist a pee-filled snatch and quickly gets her mouth down onto the dripping treat, collecting every one of the golden droplets from Mea’s wet clit and lips. It doesn’t take long for the girls to forget about their plans for the night – they are having too much fun to stop now! Breaking out a long glass dildo, Mea slips it into Wendy’s tingling twat, fucking it hard and deep until Wendy can no longer hold back… she releases another stream of warm piss, emptying her bladder straight into another waiting cocktail glass. They share the contents of the glass but decide that they need a proper pee cocktail. Both girls empty their bladders into a decanter and take a sip but it’s time to put the ‘cock’ into cocktail as they pull out one of their favourite toys. Head over to now to watch the trailer for this amazingly hot scene!!

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