Sabrina and Taissia in ‘Alter Yoga’

Sabrina and Taissia in ‘Alter Yoga’ at

When sexy Pee Perverts Sabrina and Taissia meet for their morning yoga session, Sabrina has more than just exercise on her mind. Seeing her younger friend positioned on the floor between her open legs, Sabrina lets loose the bladder-full of pee she’s been holding in all morning. The flow of urine shooting out from between her legs feels so incredibly good that it causes instant arousal, especially when Taissia starts laughing as her wet tank top clings to her small breasts, showing every wonderful detail… perky little nipples and all. 

Taissia pulls off her soaked shirt and wrings it out all over Sabrina’s tits before unleashing a standing geyser of her own hot piss into her friend’s open mouth. The dirty duo is so wrapped up in their own world of pee play that they barely notice when Sabrina’s boyfriend comes home. He’s quick to join in, dropping his pants before showering the girls with a fountain of his own golden fluid. 

The girls take turns wrapping their lips around the lucky man’s cock before taking it deep into their dripping pussies. All the while, the pee never stops flowing and even after the spent guy has to hurry off to return to work, these piss loving vixens keep right on going in their unending quest for the ultimate pee-fuelled orgasm. If you want to join in the wet fun, head over to now to see the video.

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