VIPissy – A Pee Pervert’s Review of ‘Wet Yoga’ starring Jessica Rox

I found this picture of Jessica Rox pissing on her own face so arresting that I needed to know the story behind it. It takes a special kind of girl to self-pee – one with exceptional aim, for a start! I’m a genuine Pee Pervert, and having a girl pee on her own face, or piss into her own mouth is the kind of thing that provides the keystone for one of my pee erotica ebooks. My ebooks paint pissy pictures for a reader’s imagination – VIPissy shows you the whole pissy picture (and even better, they allow you to watch the wet action in glorious High Definition).

Jessica Rox Self Piss

Jessica Rox Self Pissing

More than anything else, I joined VIPissy to watch this one Jessica Rox scene – that’s how much I wanted to see it; that’s how much I wanted to see Jessica Rox pee. She has established herself as a genuine Pee Pervert already but this is a stand-out scene. Why? Well, I’ve watched it several times now and want to share with you why I think it is so special – why it stood out from all the other pissing porn for me.

Jessica Rox in the lotus position

A Dry Jessica Rox assumes the lotus position

There’s the quality. Watching Jessica piss looks great on your laptop but to get the full benefit, treat yourself to the Full 1080p download and get the video playing on a large screen TV. Be there with Jessica as her Yoga cleanses her mind, and then as her boyfriend steps up, be there as he cleanses her with his stream of piss. The fact that Jessica Rox’s eyes are closed as the stream of urine cascades down over her is a special moment. She doesn’t know when it’s going to happen and you can see the sharp intake of breath as the piss hits her.

Jessica isn’t disgusted as her boyfriend pees on her; she opens her eyes and gives a faint smile as she offers her tits to the flow of hot urine but almost immediately places her open mouth into the flow of piss. This isn’t piss as a punishment; this is piss as a plaything. Jessica plays with the stream of piss, letting it flow into her mouth like a good little Pee Pervert. Once she’s sure the flow has finished, she starts to play with her boyfriend’s cock. There’s something very real about this whole scene and the interaction between Jessica and her lover’s cock is sexual bliss. She wants to please that cock with her mouth and the way her piss-wet clothes cling to her body as she does it is a wet delight. The camera zooms in for an extreme close-up and it’s easy to imagine what it would it would feel like to be on the receiving end of Jessica’s enthusiastic blowjob.

The camera catches the moment Jessica’s pissy wet knickers are slipped off and then she slides backwards off the sofa, carefully arranging her hair into a fan. A spray of piss from her upturned pussy wets her thigh and then her tit before she tells her boyfriend to move his hands away… within seconds she has managed to pee right onto her own face. Jessica’s boyfriend wants in on the pissy action and spoils Miss Rox’s aim – but a close-up shows that she is already soaked with her own piss. As I said in the introduction – this is what I joined VIPissy to see and I was absolutely delighted to see this in full HD. Jessica’s sexy gasps and groans are delicious as she tries to pee on her own face – it’s not easy but there’s a little smile as she slips with balletic grace from the upturned position she peed in.

We’re six minutes into a 28 minute scene, and this being VIPissy, things can only get wetter! Jessica spreads her legs as she give her boyfriend an enthusiastic blowjob and empties the rest of her bladder as she pees on the rug. A clever cut sees Jessica refreshed and her boyfriend’s bladder refilled. She sucks him for a few seconds, then steers his cock when he offers another hot stream of piss. Jessica giggles and gasps as she uses it to wash her hair – no shampoo required! Jessica’s pussy finally gets fucked, sucked and fingered. The action is hot and intimate, rather than the usual overplayed pounding, as such it feels more real and is very enjoyable.

Jessica ends up on top of her lover and takes a break to piss on his cock. It takes a few seconds to get control of her bladder after having had a cock inside her but she manages to gives a full piss wash of his cock and balls. The camera is so close that it takes a splash of pee as Jessica empties her bladder. The blurred lens doesn’t hide the fact that Jessica’s excited pussy is leaking girl cum onto her lover’s cock. Rewind and take another look if you missed it!

The scene changes to Jessica in her pile driver sex position, taking a black kitchen utensil into her pussy. Watch her face; you can see that she’s not sure at first but there’s a grin of delight as soon as it’s in. Perhaps because she knows that there’s another stream of piss heading her way. Her boyfriend quickly fills Jessica’s pussy with pee – before shifting his aim down to fill Jessica Rox’s mouth with piss. Jessica Rox is a Pee Pervert, and we get to see this as she plays with it while the camera watches. Most of the pee escapes but I like to think that there’s a little swallow before Jessica takes her boyfriend’s cock while still in pile driver.

Jessica rolls out again and pees on the floor before sucking her boyfriend’s cock until she’s ready to bounce on it, working him to orgasm. Jessica offers her open mouth but most of the cum ends up on her face. There’s still time for a cleansing pee facial from Jessica’s boyfriend and a final pee onto the rug from Jessica before the scene closes with a detailed study of Jessica’s pee-covered body.

This is an amazing pee sex scene right along the lines of my Pee Perverts ebooks – if you enjoy pee as a tender, wet extension of ‘normal’ sex then you’ll love this. Pee Perverts should head over to VIPissy and watch the trailer…

Peed-on Jessica Rox in the lotus position

A piss-wet Jessica Rox assumes the lotus position

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