VIPissy – A Website For Pee Perverts is a watersports website which I found recently. Anyone who has read my ‘Pee Perverts’ ebooks already knows how much I enjoy pee-related sex; anyone who follows my Twitter account knows that I love pretty pissing pictures and pissy videos. I am a self-confessed Pee Pervert after all, and admit that I’ve watched a lot of pissing porn in my time but seems to me the closest match I have found to my own ‘Pee Perverts’ writing.

The first thing that I noticed when browsing the website were the smiles. The girls are stunningly pretty but the thing that makes them attractive to my eye is that they are all obviously enjoying what they are doing. They put the ‘play’ in ‘pee play’. On VIPissy, peeing isn’t a punishment – it’s Fun (with a capital ‘F’). We aren’t taken to a dark dungeon here. All is bright lights and clean sets, which means we can see every droplet of piss in glorious High Definition. In fact, I wish my house was as clean as their sets!

Unlike my study here, the only ‘dirt’ on display is the dirty sex. Guys pee on girls; girls pee on each other and girls piss on themselves. And don’t think that the girls let the fact that they are completely drenched in urine slow them down – it doesn’t. The sex is hot as well. They don’t stop; they keep on having sex and peeing over and over again. Sure, there are breaks – but the videos are well-edited and I was happy to let the performers refill their bladders for another round of pissing.

As I said, when you watch the videos, it’s obvious that these girls are enjoying themselves. When you hear the little sex noises that Jessica Rox makes as she pisses on her own face in Wet Yoga, it’s impossible to think that she’s not delighted with what she’s doing. And since the camera swings in until it’s practically touching her, you can see what’s she’s doing better than she can. The HD quality is stunning and on a big screen will make you feel as though you are right there with her, sharing her sexy stream of piss. In my world, this is the closest you can get to being a ‘Pee Pervert’ without getting wet.

You’ll probably recognise a few faces (and other body parts) as Caprice and Abby (Krystal Boyd) make appearances but it is the other, lesser known models who take centre stage on VIPissy. This works really well as each and every girl is a true Pee Pervert – taking their own urine (and each other’s) into their mouths, pussies and asses.

Easy site navigation means you can go to the list of models, click on any of the sweet young things and know that you’re about to be presented with high quality video where peeing is the central theme. They’re going to get very wet and so are you (and hard!).

The concept of each of the scenes is simple – no bladder is left unemptied. In most scenes, every bladder is emptied several times. This is what we’re here to see; this is what we Pee Perverts want and multiple pissings is what we are given, in each and every scene.

Look out for more detailed reviews of individual pee scenes as I’ve joined and I really like it. A lot. If you enjoy my Pee Perverts ebooks, it’s likely that you will too.

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