Anita Berlusconi in ‘Young Curiosity’

Anita Berlusconi in Young Curiosity at

18 year old Anita Berlusconi is a real Pee Pervert. She jumps straight in by pissing in her tiny cut-off jeans, then shows her pissing pussy off to the camera by pissing into a champagne glass. She pours the piss all over herself then rubs her clit before rolling onto her back and pissing high into the air. However, the piss highlight is yet to come as Anita drops a strawberry into the champagne glass then fills the glass with pee again. She eats the piss-soaked strawberry and then takes a couple of sips of her golden nectar. If you want to see sweet little Anita Berlusconi sipping from a glass of her own piss, head over to WetAndPissy and click the bottom video!

If you’d prefer to see Anita playing games with Jessica Rox’s piss, head over to VIPissy

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