Ashley Woods in ‘Live From The Bowl’

Ashley Woods in ‘Live From The Bowl’ at

Ashley Woods makes a very welcome debut at She loves to tease and this cute teen makes an instant impression by being all vamped up in a red corset and stockings. She runs herĀ hands over her tight body, then removes her black panties before climbing into a glass bubble chair. This is a new prop for the girls to play with and Ashley can’t wait to play as she stretches her pussy lips wide apart and rubs her clitoris before releasing a long stream of piss onto the chair. It runs back down and Ashley ends up sitting in a big puddle of her warm pee. Using her fingers, Ashley drizzles piss over her pussy and onto her body before tasting it!

Ashley is a real Pee Pervert and she takes things one stepĀ further by sucking up her own piss with a straw and spitting them back out over the chair. She’s definitely enjoying herself and continues to play with her pee, first lapping it up, then leaning back and soaking her dark hair. Ashley does on to stretch her pussy with a speculum before fucking herself with a green dildo and releasing another torrent of piss into the chair! If you want to see more of this hot scene, head over to WetAndPissy now.

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