Charlotte in ‘Super Pump’

Charlotte in ‘Super Pump’ at

Charlotte’s role as a sexy secretary fits her like a glove. Once she’s finished with her secretarial duties, she moves onto her sexy duties. Being a Pee Pervert, this is bound to include the contents of Charlotte’s bursting bladder.

The pissy action starts as Charlotte pulls her panties down to her shoes, spreads her knees apart for maximum exposure and pees all over her panties, shoes and stockings. After sliding around on her pee-slippery desk, Charlotte pulls out a vase and pees into it, soaking her panties in the hot fluid before drizzling it all over her body. Charlotte’s office is well-equipped for sexy fun and she pulls out a super pussy pump, which gets filled with pee several times before she finishes herself off with a pretty pink vibrator. If you want to see what secretaries like Charlotte get up to while the boss is away, head over to now.

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