Cheryl in ‘Grey Jeans’

Cheryl in ‘Grey Jeans’ at

Cheryl is the latest Pee Pervert to grace WetandPissy. She gets herself excited for her first scene by rubbing her pussy and playing with her pert tits and peachy ass. She gets so excited playing with herself that she decides to piss in her grey stretch denims. Pee streams down her legs and soaks her crotch, making it all dark and wet and Cheryl can’t help but watch as her urine pours out of her sexy body. Cheryl plays with her piss-soaked jeans but eventually peels them off.

Now naked , Cheryl tried to pee into a big glass bowl but finds that her bladder simply won’t co-operate. Eventually she breaks the seal on her bladder and pours the golden nectar all over herself – including over her tongue. Cheryl uses a white vibrator on her pussy to tease herself even more before pissing once again into the over-sized glass which she then pours over her head, soaking her hair and face. Cheryl then plays with her piss-soaked tits and pussy before switching to a magic wand vibrator to bring herself to orgasm. Cheryl finishes off by peeing once final time, repeatedly sucking on her piss-covered fingers.  If you want to see more from this clip, head over to now.

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