Cynthia in ‘Wet Balloons’

Cynthia in ‘Wet Balloons’ at

Pee Pervert Cynthia returns to WetAndPissy for an extra golden presentation. Her ample bosom is literally bursting out of her bra, waiting to be properly unleashed… as is the pee in her bladder. Cynthia’s got a big smile as she pees through her denim hot pants. Having thoroughly soaked the denim, it’s time to show off her body as she plays with her own golden juices – dipping her breasts into her pissy puddle on the chair, scooping up the pee into a glass so that she can taste her pee and topping up the puddle so she can have a proper piss wash.

After washing her hair, Cythia’s attention shifts to her feet as she fills a bowl with yet more urine, which she repeatedly licks off her toes. After fucking her pussy with a glass toy, Cynthia positions the bowl below her with her back towards the camera and from a squatted position empties her bladder one last time, pouring the golden concoction over her head. If you want to see a gorgeous girl soaked from head to foot in pee, head over to now.

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