Denisa Peterson in ‘Thirsty Denisa’

Denisa Peterson in ‘Thirsty Denisa’ at

Denisa Peterson is in the lounge teasing in tight denim jeans and a grey tank top. Her long blonde hair drapes over her tits and Denisa is in the mood to play. An established Pee Pervert,  Denisa stands above the glass chair and pisses her in denims, making the crotch wet and sending dark streamers of piss running down the inside of both legs. The warm pee collects on the chair below, and Denisa sits in her pissy puddle enjoying the sensation as her pool of piss soaks her ass. Taking her jeans off, she licks the soaked denim and rubs her pussy before we are treated to an extreme close-up as Denisa pisses on the chair again. Denisa plays with the puddle of piss but eventually makes it disappear by sucking it into her mouth and drinking it. Using her grey top to polish the chair clean, Denisa then pisses on the chair and her top. Denisa soaks her feet in piss and then shows her flexibility by licking her pissy toes clean. Some of the pee goes into a glass which Denisa again drinks, then she soaks her blonde hair and drinks what’s left. This girl loves the taste of her own pee!! 

Feeling even more horny, Denisa fucks her dripping wet pussy with a blue vibrator, taking breaks to piss all over the floor – catching the lens of the camera with one spectacular spray of pee. As a filthy finale to this update, Denisa pisses onto the chair and again drinks it all and licks the chair clean. If you like girls drinking their own pee, head over to WetAndPissy now and check out this update.

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