Diana Dali in ‘Diving Diana’

Diana Dali in ‘Diving Diana’ at WetAndPissy.com

Pee Pervert Diana looks like a cute and sexy schoolgirl as she teases in a plaid miniskirt, pantyhose and a tiny white blouse. Unlike most schoolgirls, Diana isn’t wearing any panties and rubs her hands over her pussy before bending over and pissing all over the floor, right through her pantyhose. She manages to get some pee onto the glass chair and dives into her little puddle, licking up her warm nectar. Having stripped off her blouse, Diana squeezes the piss out of the soaked material into her mouth, before rolling around in her pissy puddle. She looks seriously sexy as her whole body gets covered in pee, including her hair. Finishing herself off with a pink dildo, Diana has to pee again and this time aims for a glass bowl, pouring its contents all over her curvy body. If you think piss-soaked schoolgirls are sexy, head over to WetAndPissy.com now.

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