Gitti in ‘Gitti Comeback’

Gitti in ‘Gitti Comeback’ at

Gitti is an established Pee Pervert and looks sensational in a blue tank top and miniskirt. The kinky girl is quick to lift up her skirt to show that she isn’t wearing any panties and almost as quick to show off a stream of golden pee… after placing a bowl on the floor to catch the valuable golden nectar. She takes her skirt off and soaks up the bowl of piss before drizzling it down her top and over her pretty face. Taking off her high heels, Gitti pees into them and pours the liquid into her mouth, tasting her own piss. 

Stripping off completely, Gitti shows off her gorgeous figure – including inside her pussy as she stretches it wide as she releases another stream of piss onto the floor. After wetting her hair in the pissy puddle, Gitti gets herself off with a sex toy which manages to combine the shapes of a cock and a corn on the cob. The camera catches every movement of Gitti’s pussy stretches around the sex toy as she fucks herself her orgasm. Gitti finishes off by peeing on the floor and sliding around in the mess of her making. If you want to share in Gitti’s wet fun, head over to now.

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