Henessy in ‘Wet Hanessy

Henessy in ‘Wet Hanessy’ at WetAndPissy.com

Henessy is back on WetAndPissy.com and is ready for some hot pissing action. She looks super sexy in her sheer aqua pantyhose and really teases us by running her hands all over her toned body. Henessy sits on the floor and slowly releases her first piss, straight through her sexy pantyhose. She sits in her pissy puddle then dives right into it, letting her piss soak into her little top, proving that she really is a Pee Pervert.

Stripping naked, Henessy inserts a metal speculum in between her pee soaked pussy lips and stretches herself wide open so that we can see every detail as she lies back and pisses into the air. Her warm golden nectar goes everywhere and she adds to the pissy puddle on the floor by firing another couple of long stream as the camera moves in for a close up. Henessy is really getting into the piss play and pees into a wine glass, pours it over herself then lays down on the pee-covered floor. Her whole body is soon dripping with her own urine, including her hair which gets nice and wet! She uses a pussy pump and pees into the suction tube before getting herself off with a vibrator. Head over to WetAndPissy now so check out the video.

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