Melena in ‘In the Mirror’

Melena in ‘In the Mirror’ at

Melena’s feeling sexy in her punk spiked shoes and bra, complete with black fishnet stockings… and when a Pee Pervert is feeling sexy, you know what’s going to happen. Spreading her feet apart, Melena lowers her pussy towards a bowl on the floor and lets fly with a ragged stream of pee. Standing up, she spreads the cheeks of her pert bum before letting fly again. She’s obviously enjoying herself as she dips her feet into the bowl, and with her flexibility it’s easy for her to taste the pee by sucking on her toes.

Melena fucks her pussy with a gold vibrator as squirts of pee fly from her peehole before fingering herself to a body-shaking orgasm. Wanting to see what we’re seeing, Melena sprays a mirror with urine and can’t resist licking the slippery surface after the flow has finished and using her hair to mop up the liquid. The scene finishes with a final arc of pee hitting the mirror as Melena sits in the chair with the cameras watching. If you want to share in this sexy scene, head over to now.

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