Mia in ‘Red Tights’

Mia in ‘Red Tights’ at WetAndPissy.com

Mia is a real Pee Pervert and couldn’t wait to get back in front of the cameras for another piss scene at WetAndPissy. It’s clear from the outset that she really means business this time. Dressed in red pantyhose and a yellow tank top, Mia teases the office. She runs her hands all over her body before pulling down her pantyhose and firing a stream of piss high into the air. It loops back over her body and covers her tank top and splashes down on her pretty face!

Mia then dives into her own puddle of pee and pours some into her mouth. Taking off her tank top, Mia uses it to wipe up her wet mess and then wrings it out over her tits. She cuts a hole in her pantyhose and releases a long piss on a glass chair with the camera watching from below. Mia rubs her pussy and ass in her piss puddle before lapping it up with her tongue. Finally, Mia pees into a massive goblet, pours it all over her head and fucks her dripping wet pussy with a glass dildo. If you want to see more of this hot wet scene, head over to WetAndPissy.com now.

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