Mona Lee

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Mona Lee makes a lasting impression in a phenomenal debut for WetAndPissy. She looks stunning in her black pantyhose and her microscopic jean skirt. What follows – after she removes her skirt and partially pulls down her stockings – is one of the most erotic opening pees. She balances a small pitcher on her stretched pantyhose and attempts to pee into it. She tilts her torso forward and spreads her feet apart while bringing her knees close together. Not only does she nail the pose perfectly, but she’s a power pisser, which elevates the experience to a new level. When she misses the pitcher, her stream flows beautifully down from behind, soaking into the carpet. Merely four minutes into her scene and Mona has established herself as a Pee Pervert

This great opening sets the stage for some more power peeing as Mona fires a stream into the air on two separate occasions. The final moments are very intense as well after an orgasm courtesy of a large dildo. She goes off into another eruptive piss, pausing briefly to stand up and finish the job. Head over WetAndPissy now to watch the trailer.

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