Sasha in ‘Secretary

Sasha in ‘Secretary’ at

Sasha is the kind of secretary and Pee Pervert would happily have working in the office. She looks smoking hot in her tight white blouse and black skirt – and she is quick to show us that she is wearing pantyhose underneath. As she pulls her skirt up and spreads her legs, it’s clear how she wants to earn that overtime. After teasing in her black pantyhose, she climbs up onto her desk and pees through the crotch of her pantyhose, making an enormous puddle, which she then lies in. 

Sasha plays with her piss, licking and tasting before opening her blouse. With her blouse open and her pantyhose ripped, Sasha rolls her bum up against the sofa and tries to pee into her own mouth. Having repeatedly pissed on her own face, Sasha rolls around in the mess, soaking her clothes and her hair. 

Sasha grins as she moves onto even dirtier exploits. She uses a speculum to open her pussy before filling a bowl with urine, which she laps up while looking directly into the camera. Sasha then fucks herself with a pink vibrator before finishing off by drinking her own piss from a jug. If you want to see more from this clip, head over to now.

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