Victoria Sweet in ‘Sweet-Salty’

Victoria Sweet in ‘Sweet Salty’ at

Victoria Sweet has great skin, great legs and a great ass… and she obviously enjoys showing them off. She also enjoys playing with her own pee, so it’s natural that she should want to star in a video for She’s a real Pee Pervert as she proves when she pees while still wearing her imitation jeans. They’re skin tight and you can see her hot pee flowing down through the material. Victoria then sits in her the puddle of her own piss and starts to undress. Once she is fully undressed, Victoria fills two martini glasses with urine. She uses her white shirt to dry up some of her pee. 

Wearing the shirt once again, she looks even sexier as it is well shy of concealing her pussy, especially after tying it up in a knot. Victoria makes use of the martini glasses to drench her shirt and moves on to play with a speculum. With her leg in the air and no obstruction from the speculum, Victoria bares it all as she pees one more time. Her stream is fantastic and you can see how much she is enjoying herself.

The wet floor becomes a source of pleasure for Victoria once again as she glides back and forth through the piss. She pees into a small pitcher and uses a glass baster to transfer the pee into her mouth and over her body. If you want to see a hot babe playing with hot piss, head over to WetAndPissy now to see the trailer.

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