Erotic stories rejected by Xcite Books

As expected, both ‘Lust in Space’ and ‘The Lapsed Lesbian’ which I recently submitted to Xcite Book’s Lipstick Lovers anthology were rejected. I had a lot of fun writing the stories, following the genre-crossing themes I recently explored in A Star is Porn – but as such they didn’t fit neatly into the anthology.

Elizabeth Coldwell suggested that if I expanded ‘The Lapsed Lesbian’ to 15 000 – 20 0000 words, Xcite would be able to consider it for a novella. I haven’t written anything of that length since my dissertation, so it might be an interesting challenge.

I’m tempted to add to ‘Lust in Space’ as well… it might be fun for Mia and Emily to embark on an adventure together.

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