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Paid to Pleasure
Abigail Thornton’s first short story appears in this erotic anthology

Paid to Pleasure by Abigail Thornton

My first short story and first publication. It’s about a normal girl called Gemma, who finds herself financial stretched – which leads her to getting ‘stretched’ in new and exciting ways. It’s a deliciously dirty tale of a girl facing-up to the realities of debt – a debt which could be washed away by best friend, Sarah. When Sarah reveals exactly how she manages to support her own lavish lifestyle, Gemma sees a solution to her financial woes. At a special private party Gemma transforms herself into “Ginny” – and meets a couple prepared to offer her financial salvation if “Ginny” will act out a sordid fantasy.



Fishing for Pleasure
Abigail Thornton’s second short story appears in this erotic anthology

Fishing for Pleasure by Abigail Thornton appears in Threesome Initiation

My third submission to Xcite Books – and second publication. Rebecca comes back from a failed holiday romance, suffering from the agonies of rejection. From this emotional low, unexpected opportunities present themselves as Pixie and Andy, two of Rebecca’s closest friends join forces, offering physical pleasures which help Rebecca forget all about her emotional pain.





Miss Pemberton's Drawers
Abigail Thornton’s third short story appears in this erotic anthology

Suitable Punishment by Abigail Thornton appears in Threesome Initiation

My second submission to Xcite Books – and third publication. When Lisa Rawlins’ laptop captures two of her work colleagues discussing what they’d like to do to her, she is appalled. However, after thinking through the situation, Lisa realises she has been presented with an unmissable opportunity; to enact a fantasy with Flynn, a man who is unable to refuse her chosen punishment. Flynn submits to Lisa but it is the return of Hansard, who chose to resign rather than succumb to Lisa’s dirty demands, which gives the opportunity for Lisa to enact her most-secret desire.



A Star is Porn
Abigail Thornton’s first self-published eBook

A Star is Porn by Abigail Thornton

The 18-year-old winner of a competition in a teen magazine finds herself dropped into the world of Tom Walsh, the world’s most notorious photographer. Together, they embark on a game-changing photo shoot which promises to fuse the worlds of porn and high fashion… while simultaneously creating a new superstar.

‘A Star is Porn’ is a hard, humorous satire about today’s celebrity society and the desperation to be famous at any cost. How far is a check-out girl from Whitby prepared to go? Topless? Nude? A savage new haircut? How about having sex with the biggest porn star in France on the streets of Paris? Are there any boundaries left?



Deliberate Display
Abigail Thornton’s fourth short story for Xcite Books appears in this erotic anthology

Deliberate Display by Abigail Thornton

Julie is looking forward to going home after a long season working in a Spanish hotel. Her final weeks are complicated by the arrival of demanding newlyweds Ruth and Callum, but she bends over backwards to meet their needs. When Julie is presented with eye-popping evidence relating to complaints from surrounding hotels, she is intrigued, convinced that the couple are putting on a deliberate show. Catching them in the act, Julie puts professionalism to one side and finds herself a willing participant in their saucy show.




The Lapsed Lesbian
Abigail Thornton’s ‘The Lapsed Lesbian’ eBook

The Lapsed Lesbian – by Abigail Thornton

Is there anything you wouldn’t do to be with the woman you love?

Would you be willing to share her? Would you indulge her in a fetish which shocks and disgusts you? These are the questions for which Jessica has to find answers as she embarks on a journey of sexual exploration with Zoë, a work colleague and friend. Is Zoë abusing a discovered secret? Or has Zoë been harbouring secret passions of her own which she can no longer contain?