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Brother Sucker 2

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Brother Sucker 2’ eBook

Brother Sucker 2 by Abigail Thornton

There aren’t many things in life which you want to lose, but Ginny is becoming increasingly desperate to rid herself of her virginity. However, she has a few obstacles to navigate before getting around to tackling the big ‘V’.

The story picks up with Ginny walking into Lucy’s bedroom wearing a facemask consisting of her best friend’s brother’s spunk… and given what she finds Lucy doing, it’s debatable whether the facial frosting is the most shocking revelation.

Another dare leads to Lucy licking Ginny’s face clean, and a temporary substitution of absent brother with his sexy sister. Lucy wants to know if her friend’s proven manual skills are transferrable between genders, while Ginny wants to know what a female orgasm looks like from the outside.

Later in the week, Ginny heads out on her long-awaited date with Dale, but Lucy’s latest dare threatens to derail the special night.

Part Two of the ‘Brother Sucker’ series is 7100 words.

The Brother Sucker 2 ebook is available now at Smashwords

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