Brother Sucker 3 – New ebook available Smashwords

Brother Sucker 3

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Brother Sucker 3’ eBook

Brother Sucker 3 by Abigail Thornton

Ginny thought her need for sex was bad before she lost her virginity. However, now that her body knows what it’s missing, it’s worse.

Much worse.

Sex is an obsession, and not just for Ginny, who finds herself trying to juggle her own desires along with those of her best friend, Lucy, and Lucy’s brother, Dale.

What would Dale think if he knew what Ginny and Lucy had done together? Would he think it was hot, as per Lucy’s baseless claims? Or would he think it was as weird as Ginny feels when Lucy admits that she’s been thinking of Ginny while fiddling with herself?

The problem for Ginny is that Lucy has leverage, which is why she finds herself acting out a dangerous dare in a cinema, and Dale ends up on the receiving end of oral pleasures from someone he wasn’t expecting.

Part Three of the ‘Brother Sucker’ series is 7400 words.

The Brother Sucker 3 ebook is available now at Smashwords

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