Brother Sucker 4 – New ebook available Smashwords

Brother Sucker 4

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Brother Sucker 4’ eBook

Brother Sucker 4 by Abigail Thornton

In the aftermath of a very public performance, Lucy and Ginny compare notes on what happened in the cinema, after which Lucy makes a startling confession.

As Ginny re-evaluates her situation, the unexpected competition for Dale’s affection leads to an angry sexual confrontation, where sexual satisfaction goes hand in hand with dishing out retribution.

Another dare results in Ginny seeing Lucy from a totally new perspective and that leads to her making a very unexpected entrance.

In the end, Ginny is left with one fundamental question. How can she compete with a woman who has a relative advantage?

Part Four of the ‘Brother Sucker’ series is 6800 words.
The Brother Sucker 4 ebook is available now at Smashwords

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