Easy Ways To Seduce A Woman

This post came about after a lunchtime conversation with a male colleague at work. Singleton would like to meet single woman for sex. That’s the truth of it. Obviously, you can’t just say that.

Strictly speaking, my colleague wasn’t too fussy about the relationship status of the woman in question, so it would be more accurate to say: Would like to meet woman for sex.

You can’t beat good old sex appeal – the old phwoar factor. It helps if you are clean, smell good and dress well at all times. You never know when you are going to meet ‘her’. The train station, the supermarket? Who knows, so you have to be prepared. Wear shoes and make sure they are polished. How you treat your shoes is an indication of how you treat your women.

These are some hints and tips about appealing to the girl of your dreams:

1) Women want to feel attractive. You want to have sex with her, so it should be safe assume that you find her attractive. Tell her!! Talk to her. And let her know that you find her attractive. Not in a weird way. Just casually mention that you like her (insert the first thing that you noticed about her after her tits / bum / legs). How she has done her hair is a safe bet if it looks like she’s made an effort. If you’re in a corner shop on a Sunday morning and she looks like she crawled through some undergrowth on her way to the shop, you’d best find something else to say. Interesting twigs?

Making a girl feel attractive, sexy, and important will go a long way in making her want to know more about you. And how to be with you.

2) Women want to have fun. There’s a time and a place for deep and meaningful. Just after you have met is not that time. Do not mention your ex. Do not mention your diseases. Do not mention your medication. Entertain her. Make her laugh. Pretend that you’re talking to your mate after they’ve had a really bad day at work.

3) Women want to feel a connection. If you do get to go out with a woman, don’t hide behind technology. Ever. Seriously, ring her, don’t text or email. Texts and emails are OK for arranging hot dates or spicing a girl’s day at work with a promise of what is to come.

4) Women want to be inspired. It’s easy to feel trapped by the repetition of work. Our existence can be pretty dull on a day to day basis. If you’re already out and about (not down the pub or at the football) you can show a girl that there are possibilities that you can offer. You can break the repetition for her. Those amazing holidays might be a selling point or your skills in the kitchen. Make yourself intriguing or inspiring and she might find you hard to resist.

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