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Erection Inspection

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Erection Inspection’ eBook

Erection Inspection by Abigail Thornton

Wayne Carter is surprised by the strength of his sexual response to a pretty woman in a medical uniform telling him what to do, after he presents himself at hospital with an eye injury.

He’s even more surprised when trainee optometrist, Claire, causes him to orgasm during his eye examination.

Wayne can’t believe his luck when he cracks Claire’s professional resolve and she reveals her trashy side, including a passion for dirty talk and her love of watching guys jack off when exposed to her exhibitionist streak.

Claire’s boyfriend might have strict rules about touching and being touched, but a woman with questionable morals can be very flexible when she wants to be.
Wayne goes on to indulge his medical fetish with girlfriend Aisling Byrne. She pushes Wayne’s buttons with clinical efficiency during a deeply impersonal examination which is both delicious and torturous.

Wayne gets what he was hoping for, and much more, during his visit to a dental chair in ‘Erection Inspection’, an 8000-word story filled with medical mischief.

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