Give and Take – New ebook available at Amazon

Give and Take

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Give and Take’ eBook

Give and Take by Abigail Thornton

Rosie Jenkins is stuck in a relationship which has serious issues. The underlying problem is that 115-kilogram rugby captain, Martin, wants to flip their relationship around so that he can be ‘the girl’.

Martin might not know what a female-led relationship actually is, but he does know where Rosie keeps her sex toys and his experimentation has led to an idea of how to transform the couple’s sex life into something which reflects what he wants from their relationship.

Rosie straps herself in after personally sampling Martin’s new purchase, and the couple reboot their sex lives by switching the traditional gender roles of giving and receiving during an exceptionally hot and kinky sex session.

This short story of a man in desperate need of domination is 5700 words.

The Give and Take ebook is available now at and

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