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Good Neighbours

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Good Neighbours’ eBook

Good Neighbours by Abigail Thornton

When Becky Wright’s husband, Chris, claims that the neighbour’s daughter has propositioned him for sex, Becky laughs in his face. Becky indulges her husband’s request for written permission to engage in sex acts with the 18-year-old neighbour, as what she believes to be an elaborate fantasy has injected fresh sexual energy into her own waning sex life.

Only when Becky meets Amy in a local supermarket and Amy starts acting out one of Becky’s sexual fantasies does she realise that her husband’s outlandish claims may be true.

This public encounter leads to the couple meeting Sarah Wade and memories of an insipid sex life are quickly forgotten as Sarah adds her imagination and sex drive to what is becoming a very naughty neighbourhood.

This story of sexual excess in suburbia is 8100 words.

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