Last Bus From Planet Earth – New eBook Available from Amazon

Last Bus From Planet Earth
Abigail Thornton’s ‘Last Bus From Planet Earth’ eBook

Last Bus From Planet Earth by Abigail Thornton

When Adam Jenkins sprints after a bus leaving Aldgate bus station, he’s shocked when it comes to a halt and waits to pick him up… and not just because the bus stops without bothering to slow down first. It’s an odd bus, populated by odd people and it takes a very odd route out of London, given that it’s a Number 42 service. Rather than heading down Mansell Street towards the Bricklayer’s Arms, it slips into Daemon Space and heads out towards a Bus Station orbiting the ruins of a once-beautiful planet.

This 9000 word short story tells the tale of why the bus stopped and why the contents of Adam’s underpants are now in serious danger.

The Last Bus From Planet Earth ebook is available now on and

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