Oh Daddy! – Bath Night – New ebook available at Amazon & Smashwords

 Oh Daddy! - Bath Night

Abigail Thornton’s ‘ Oh Daddy! – Bath Night’ eBook

Oh Daddy! – Bath Night by Abigail Thornton

Rose Greenwood’s mother escaped from the hustle and bustle of London into the strong, welcoming arms of Elias McLeod on a remote Scottish island.

When Rose hits a rough patch, the same instinct pulls her north, and other instincts kick in when she is left alone with her stepfather while her mother is stranded on the mainland.

It’s bath night and with a ferocious storm raging outside, a different type of storm erupts inside when Rose and Elias realise that they both have daddy fantasies.

Bath Night is a 6000-word tale of a shared family fantasy made real.

The Oh Daddy! – Bath Night ebook is available now at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Smashwords

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