Oh Daddy! – Drunk and Disorderly – New ebook available at Amazon

Oh Daddy! - Drunk and Disorderly

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Oh Daddy! – Drunk and Disorderly’ eBook

Oh Daddy! – Drunk and Disorderly by Abigail Thornton

Ricky Johnson’s stepdaughter, Becca, is learning about the power she has over men.

And women.

Ricky returns from work to find Becca and ‘close friend’ Kim Morgan passed out on the sofa, naked as the day they were born, with a lesbian porno still playing on the TV.

Ricky and Becca join forces to look after Kim, but Kim’s expression of gratitude sets in motion a series of sexual favours which transform a quiet night on the couch into a wild three way.

This story of drunken debauchery is 7800 words.

The Oh Daddy! – Drunk and Disorderly ebook is available now at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

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