Oh Daddy!- His Lost Laptop – New ebook available at Smashwords

Oh Daddy! - His Lost Laptop

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Oh Daddy! – His Lost Laptop’ eBook

Oh Daddy! – His Lost Laptop by Abigail Thornton

While helping her father move into his new house, Christy discovers that the heavy boxes she has been carrying contain an extensive collection of pornographic magazines and DVDs.

But as well as the magazines, there’s an old laptop.

With a sense of angry entitlement, Christy powers on the laptop which offers an explicit glimpse into her parents’ sex lives, and in particular lets Christy see her father in a whole new light.

Christy feels the need to clear the fuzziness in her mind with a private sex session of her own.

But after she fails to find satisfaction, she realises that her sex session wasn’t as private as she had hoped… and that her dad knows how to help her find what she’s looking for.

‘The Lost Laptop’ is a 7400-word story of a filthy family fantasy made real.

The Oh Daddy! – His Lost Laptop ebook is available now at Smashwords

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