Pee Perverts: Game, Set & Snatch – New ebook available at Amazon

Pee Perverts: Game, Set & Snatch

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Pee Perverts: Game, Set & Snatch’ eBook

Pee Perverts: Game, Set & Snatch by Abigail Thornton

When Jeanette’s posh boyfriend, Morton Daxton, invites her for a game of tennis at a secluded court, little do either of them know what they’re letting themselves in for.

All sorts of wet chaos is unleashed when Christine Rogers turns up with a bursting bladder, only to find that the toilets are locked and Morton hasn’t got a key.

Morton had hopes of perving over the busty blonde, but it’s Jeanette who finds herself in a wet lesbian coupling as part of her rebellion against a sporting past which was forced upon her by her insistent parents.

The setting might be stunning, but those pristine white tennis togs and the court itself get surprisingly wet and dirty, given the bright blue skies overhead.

This very wet, partner-swapping sex story is 8400 words.

The Pee Perverts: Game, Set & Snatch ebook is available from and

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