Pee Perverts: Kitchen Kink 1 – New Kindle ebook on Amazon and Smashwords

Pee Perverts: Kitchen Kink 1
Abigail Thornton’s ‘Pee Perverts: Kitchen Kink 1’ eBook

Pee Perverts: Kitchen Kink 1 by Abigail Thornton

Matthew Smith is a shy lad living in the shadow of Becky, his older sister. As he reaches an age where his hormones are giving him sexual lust, he finds himself surrounded by gorgeous women wearing Lycra. This is normally a good thing but leads to Matt embarrassing himself with Becky’s best friend, Alexa.

However, the public encounter with Alexa awakens something in Matt which hours of private research on the internet develops into a fetish… and when Alexa gets a hold of Matt’s laptop, he hopes that Alexa might be interested in exploring his pee fetish, rather than ratting him out to his ferocious sister.

Find out what Alexa does in Matt’s kitchen in Kitchen Kink 1.

This ebook is available now at and and Smashwords

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