Pee Perverts: Piss Party (Greek Week Book 7)

Pee Perverts: Piss Party (Greek Week Book 7)

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Pee Perverts: Piss Party (Greek Week Book 7)’ eBook

Pee Perverts: Piss Party (Greek Week Book 7) by Abigail Thornton

As Scott and Linda take avoiding action in Greece, they run into Molly in a posh bar.

Linda is intrigued by the slight woman who nearly put Scott in hospital with her sexual antics, and invites Molly across for a drink. The women hit it off instantly, and as they talk, all becomes clear as to what has really been going on over the previous week.

Scott is shocked by what he learns. It’s clear that the week is coming to a head as Molly decides to host a piss party at her family’s villa, inviting everyone including arch-rival, Emily.

There’s tension between Scott and Emily as they prepare for the party. Competitive Emily wants to show herself off to the max, but Scott gets frustrated and washes away all Emily’s hard work in a few seconds.

When Molly catches Emily playing games in the bedroom, war breaks out and angry wet sex follows.

But it’s hard to have a war when only one side is fighting.

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